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Continuing a three year long tradition, Waves Audio have announced that their TrueVerb reverb effect will be offered as a free download this Black Friday. We put our detective glasses on and managed to deduct that it will most probably be a faux sidechain compression style effect. It could be another OneKnob series plugin, possibly something quite simple like a bitcrusher? Or, it could be another commercial plugin gone free type of deal, like they did with Renaissance Bass back in A registration code will be delivered to you via email and that code will allow your to register the plugin to your Waves Audio user account and later activate it on your machine using Waves Central.

The freebie will go live on November 27th. The freebie is now LIVE! Tomislav is a journalist, music producer and web designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the owner and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog. The two main characters are top notch and the dark, gritty atmosphere is great. It looks like you can move your license to the cloud and then to another computer. Could this mean that you can make the plugin to work after upgrading your computer?

The smartest approach, though, would probably be to keep the licenses on a portable flash drive instead. Leave this field empty. Featured December 21, 4. Share it like a boss. Bryan Lake on November 25, 3: Tomislav Zlatic on November 25, 2: Filipe Damiao on November 25, 4: Vladinemir on November 27, 1: Tomislav Zlatic on November 27, 2:

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